Why Should I Stage My House?

With increased competition and thousands of houses on the market, house staging in the Bay Area is important to selling your home. From first impressions to possible layouts, home staging provides potential buyers with a visual representation of a home and can help you sell your home quickly and for a competitive price.

Why Should I Stage?

When potential buyers first enter your home, it is the first impression that will stay with them when considering purchase. With so many houses on the market, it is probable that they will be shown numerous homes within the same day or week. Making your home memorable can be done by careful staging.

By using staging, sellers can show buyers potential without making them use their imagination. It is a rare buyer that can imagine a home the way they intend to use it. If a home is empty and without furniture it can be difficult to see how comfortable the home truly can be. Without furniture, a house may seem uninviting. Staging showcases a home, making it easier for buyers to understand how they themselves could use the space.

Sellers should also understand that a home that is unkempt will give buyers negative opinions of the space. With clutter, disrepair, and general disorder, buyers may assume the home is not in the shape they expect when purchasing a new house. Clutter may suggest that there is not enough storage available. Disrepair can show that there may be other issues below the surface that have not been maintained. Disorder in a home makes it hard for buyers to see past the current state and into an orderly environment.

By using staging, sellers can show buyers potential without making them use their imagination.

In today’s market, making a great first impression is especially important. With most home listings available to view on a realtor’s website, the staging shown in the website’s photographs will either increase the buyer’s interest or eliminate the property from the options. The staging in the photographs can increase the viewings of the home, increasing the possibility of a sale.

Each home is different and requires different staging techniques. The location of the home is important, as well as a comparison of other homes in the area. If the street showcases homes with exceptional landscape, the seller may need to consider the addition of shrubbery or plants. If the sellers have pets or children, they may need to visually reduce the presence of pet or children’s toys to engage buyers without pets or children. House staging in the Bay Area is unique and many options should be considered.

Homeowners often ask, “Why should I stage?” The short answer is that it will help sell your home faster and for top dollar. Having a home on the market can be very frustrating and nerve-wracking. Your home will come under scrutiny by many different types of buyers, and it is important to know what your potential buyers are looking for in a home. Staging offers sellers the opportunity to view their home from a different perspective. By looking at a home from the viewpoint of a buyer, the strengths of a home can be highlighted, while anything the house may lack can be minimized. Staging affords homeowners with the opportunity to make their home and living areas more appealing to potential buyers.

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